This 1920’s craftsman home bathroom already had a lot going for it. The ample footprint allowed room for a full blown closet. The problem was, the closet wasn’t efficient with things constantly getting lost at the back, and the homeowners wanted a better storage solution that respected the early 20th century design in the rest of the house.

Based on an original in their dining room, we designed this built-in cabinet to feel like it had always been there. We also created a generously sized but period-appropriate inset medicine cabinet, and a small custom shelf. The beautiful Kohler Occasion polished nickel accessories took their cue from the original polished nickel in the door knob. And all the selections were chosen to look seamless in this beautiful old home.

Now, the built-in cabinet houses everything from laundry baskets and cleaning supplies to stacks of fresh towels and a big drawer that pulls out, putting everything in easy reach. And the reeded glass doors allow just enough sparkle without completely revealing everything inside.

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