Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Detail of custom made rustic open shelves with built in under cabinet lighting.

This “Modern Farmhouse” kitchen proves you are allowed a range under these labels. It doesn’t overly emphasize the farmhouse part, giving equal respect to the modern. The kitchen island took a page from elsewhere in the home utilizing shiplap (a farmhouse element) on the outside ends. The open shelves are made from reclaimed rustic wood (again farmhouse) to match the living room fireplace mantle. While the white shaker-style cabinet doors say “farmhouse”, we opted for euro-style doors and drawers and long bar pulls, thus the “modern” part. Even the bridge faucet leans more modern (although choosing a bridge faucet in the first place is more farmhouse).

Every kitchen design has multiple decisions that will push the style one way or the other.  Keeping the surfaces and decorating open and clean moves it more toward modern, whereas more pattern, texture and tchotchkes would push it more farmhouse.

Working with homeowners as collaborative as these was an absolute dream. In the end, the finished kitchen is a perfect reflection of them and a perfect fit for the rest of the home.

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