The bathroom this house was always meant to have

A semi bird's-eye view of the sink and marble topped half wall.

This 1912 home in south Minneapolis was given a bathroom remodel in the 50’s, and unfortunately, you could really tell. One of my favorite things about remodeling a space in an older home is to create something that looks like it’s always been there, while not giving up our modern amenities.

So, while in 1912 there never would have been a stand-up shower, all the fixtures, tile work, hardware, etc were chosen to look like things that were a part of that era.

We opted for a single legged antique wall sink, and to provide some landing space I built out a shallow half-wall and topped it with marble. I was able to see another house built the same year by the same builder whose bath had not been altered, and so incorporated some things, including the same unglazed hex floor tile and the marble ledge (although theirs was used differently).

Even though the toilet was a brand new Kohler, people walking into the room have asked if the toilet was original. I was inspired by the oval shaped tank and so repeated the oval and round motif wherever I could. The Minna Tub from WaterWorks is the closest I have found to the simple deep authentic tubs from this home’s era. Choosing hardware and fixtures that seem to come from the same era goes a long way toward making the room fit in the house.

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