1912 Powder Room

The tiled chair railing adds to the authentic feel.

The lower bathroom in this 1912 house didn’t even exist. But as part of a kitchen remodel, the much needed main floor bath was added. I think it would have been a huge give-away that this was not an original room if it were made too large. Of course every homeowner has to decide how much to be beholden to the era and how much to our modern world.

The Holbrook medicine cabinet from Rejuvenation is exactly what the home of this era would have. For an all-white tile bath like this, I love to choose a wall paint color and art on the walls that are not  in the era of the house while I do keep the more permanent surfaces and materials to elements that would have been available when the house was built. You want the space to feel like you, even if you break a couple authenticity rules. After all, I don’t have any interest in living in a museum. But if you do, I can design that too.

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