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This 1920’s craftsman home bathroom already had a lot going for it. The ample footprint allowed room for a full blown closet. The problem was, the closet wasn’t efficient with things constantly getting lost at the back, and the homeowners wanted a better storage solution that respected the early 20th century design in the rest

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For the love of walnut

This beautiful, clean-lined home on the lake deserved a beautiful streamlined kitchen. With the homeowner we figured out the original kitchen was in a corner much better suited for dining. So we moved to a spot with breathing room. And the result is a calming space with a fantastic view of the water. The simplicity

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It’s the rare client who can visualize just what design choices will look like without seeing a picture. So, I make lots of pictures. Just for grins, I’m sharing some of my favorite renderings from various projects. These are a fundamental element of the documents I create for clients. The positive feedback I get not

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Details Make an Old House Bath

This beautiful old Minneapolis house had a very small ensuite off the main bedroom. It was awkwardly positioned, as the first thing through the door was an unused dead space with only a radiator. To the right was another door that housed the toilet and sink and to the left was another door leading to

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Mid Mod Marvel

This cherry 1963 architectural home still had its original kitchen. While it was probably spectacular in its day, by today’s standards it was closed off and quite dark.  We removed a wall (that luckily did not go all the way up to the vaulted ceiling), and replaced it with a load-bearing peek-a-boo feature wall of

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Detail shows the brass drawer pulls on the inset drawers as well as a small paiting, a wooden bowl and a utensil holder.

Classic Soapstone Kitchen

The oldest home on the block, this south Minneapolis house started out as a stand-alone, quite a distance from town. While the surrounding neighborhood has filled in, it has been thoughtfully updated and taken care of; the owner purposefully celebrating its 1905 midwest roots. What fun to design a space that respects all that! We

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Detail of custom made rustic open shelves with built in under cabinet lighting.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This “Modern Farmhouse” kitchen proves you are allowed a range under these labels. It doesn’t overly emphasize the farmhouse part, giving equal respect to the modern. The kitchen island took a page from elsewhere in the home utilizing shiplap (a farmhouse element) on the outside ends. The open shelves are made from reclaimed rustic wood

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The Fall House

The Fall House (named after the original land owners) was a labor of love created for an extended family to gather at family-owned property in Northern Michigan. The kitchen and dining area take up most of the main floor as huge family meals are one of the biggest needs of the space. The IKEA kitchen

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